Tuesday, 9 June 2015



►Check out this SAFC team rating predictions for Fifa 16. I chose to do this team as they are the team I support and know the most about.

►As I said in the video, remember to leave your suggestions on team ratings you want me to predict in the comment section and I'll get round to it.

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►Hey guys I'm back with a new video after some time. This is because I was struggling with content ideas- hopefully I will be uploading more consistently now.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Call of Duty AW- HUGE Supply Drop Opening

Hey guys, sorry for the low activity, I've been busy with college coursework and had little time to make any new videos. Anyways... thanks for OVER 250 subscribers! I really appreciate the support and love entertaining you guys so here's a supply drop opening. Sorry there's not too many clips as some of the files got accidentally deleted off my USB stick. Thanks for watching guys, don't forget to leave a comment on any future videos you'd like to see and stay tuned :)

FIFA 15 UPGRADED SIF GRIEZMANN 85 - Player Review and In Game Stats

Hey guys! today I will be reviewing the new 85 IF Griezmann who got upgraded in the Winter Upgrades. I will go through the Pros and Cons of this card along with some in game footage of what he can do! In addition, I will be including his in game stats so you can decide if you want to try him out.

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Hey guys! It's TheDBDgaming here and this is my first wager... EVER. 25K is on the line (This is a lot for me!) but can I win? I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did hit the subscribe button and SMASH a like! Leave a comment if you got any suggestions for the future and thanks for watching!